Supply Chain Baseline, Strategy, and Program Support

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    Just starting your supply chain resilience journey? Don’t know where to make the most effective changes to an existing process? Our baseline assessment and strategy development uses rigorous analysis to identify key gaps in your current risk management approach and provides recommendations for the most impactful investments to improve your supplier network’s resilience and your organization’s supply chain risk management program maturity.

Get on the Right Path to Resilience

Our baseline assessment measures the depth and breadth of your organization’s current supply chain risk management approach on a maturity curve. Our report identifies where you can make the most impactful investments to increase your resiliency. We assess

  • governance structures,
  • information sharing,
  • policy and processes, and
  • functional areas, including cybersecurity, due diligence, foreign ownership, and financial stress. 

Leverage a Standard Risk Framework and Taxonomy

Establishing a common framework, language, and mechanism enables your organization to identify, prioritize, and share risks across the enterprise. LMI uses a common risk data taxonomy that includes standard terms, definitions, and data sources for each risk to achieve a common framework and provide the language necessary to enable holistic resilience.


Implement a Comprehensive Strategy

Modern risk management often requires organizations to change the way they define and manage risk and prioritize risk management within the organization’s structure. Using our decades of experience in strategic planning and change management, LMI will help you create a strategy to implement your new SCRM approach that will enable and empower stakeholders across your organization to be part of the solution.