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Data-driven decision-making requires more than sophisticated tools. LMI helps federal agencies align their technology, data, and workforces to optimize delivery of advanced analytics capabilities. With LMI's common analytics environment—Lattice™—organizations gain a deeper understanding of how data strengthen decision-making and workforce collaboration.

With Lattice™, your organization will

  • integrate disparate and newly discovered data sources;
  • promote data science adoption by supervisors and managers;
  • provide accessible, secure infrastructure and data science tools to the workforce; and
  • boost visibility and accessibility to emerging technologies and subject matter expertise— ensuring an ecosystem where advanced analytics can make a difference.

What Lattice™ Does

Lattice™ helps organizations adopt an enterprise approach to advanced analytics and uncover insights that enhance mission effectiveness.



Lattice™ can be deployed on-premise, on the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, secured with multifactor authentication and FedRAMP High certification. Elastic computing and on-demand cloud provisioning ensure peak operability where you need it, when you need it. Leverage cloud resources based on your unique cost, performance, and risk factors.



Get the most out of your data. We help you identify key data sources, integrate disparate data sets, and implement appropriate privacy and security measures to ensure a rich data-ready environment.



LMI’s analytical expertise, innovative tools, and dynamic data science methods produce rapid insights to complex questions. Our data scientists use artificial intelligence and computational models, among other cutting-edge techniques, to improve your understanding of data and its inherent patterns.



LMI specialists develop intuitive visualization tools and customized, interactive dashboards that convey the data insights most important to you and your key stakeholders. Client and web-based visualization tools deliver clarity that fosters collaboration and enhances future analysis and decision-making.

The Lattice™ Environment

Lattice™ provides a team of users with enhanced collaboration capability. All users can see what data exist, regardless of access, while maintaining security. Users conduct analyses on virtual machines that scale with the data and modeling requirements. Automatic deployment of governance and access management requirements allows users to collaborate securely when developing analytical products.

We harmonize advanced analytics, security, and functional expertise to ensure big data insights have immediate impact on mission success.

Meaningful Results

LMI deployed Lattice™ as an integral component of the Maintenance and Availability Data Warehouse. MADW™ helps Department of Defense (DoD) leaders make informed decisions about strategic sustainment needs.

Lattice™ enabled LMI to provide MADW™ to stakeholders departmentwide, including the military services, while enforcing strict privacy parameters. In this self-service analytic environment, users could access an LMI-engineered and curated data set of 1 billion records from over 50 unique sources and analytic tools to generate insights regarding cost, availability, and inventory. By interlaying data governance control between the data sources and tools, customers could access data immediately without the need for moving or copying. Insights that formerly took months are now realized in a day.

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