Kellene Ecker
Kelley Flores
Kent Weaver
Kerry McCarthy
Kim Barnette, PhD
Kirk Dillon
Kristen Cheman
Kristen Cheman Named LMI Vice President of Digital & Analytic Solutions
Lessons I Learned from My Parent in the LGBTQIA+ Community
Lifecycle Management & Modernization
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LMI Acquires Suntiva, Expands Federal Health and Defense Offerings 
LMI Agrees to Sell For-Profit Subsidiary to Consortium of Investors
LMI Alumni Network
LMI and Exiger to Lead DLA Pilot Program
LMI and Howard University Expand Partnership To Include R&D
LMI and TCS Uncover Climate Risks to F-35, Announce Enhanced Climanomics Platform
LMI and UVA Partner to Lead the Data Science Community to Serve the Public Good
LMI Awarded DHA's OMNIBUS IV IDIQ Contract in All Four Market Segments
LMI Awarded JAIC Artificial Intelligence Center BPA
LMI Awarded JE-OPETS Logistics and Medical Component Task Order
LMI Awarded Larger Role Supporting Defense Acquisition and Sustainment
LMI Awarded the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) Data Readiness Artificial Intelligence Development (DRAID) Program Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)
LMI Builds the Next Generation of DoD Civilian Scientists and Engineers with the SMART Scholarship-for-Service Program
LMI Celebrates Veterans Day
LMI Expands Presence in Space Industry by Acquiring Synaptech
LMI Experts Champion Digital Engineering for Defense Sustainment
LMI Extends Support to OSD in Electronic Warfare, Air Platforms and Weapons, and International Cooperation
LMI Extends Support to USPS Corporate Sustainability and Energy Initiatives
LMI Fellows
LMI Forge™ Technology Studio: People
LMI Forge™ Technology Studio: Use Cases
LMI Forms Digital and Analytic Solutions Unit to Accelerate Technology-Enabled Transformation for Federal Agencies
LMI History
LMI Homeland Security Solutions
LMI Increases Support to DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office
LMI Joins Broad Effort to Observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month
LMI Joins Broad Support for National Disability Employment Awareness Month
LMI Joins Digital Manufacturing Institute MxD
LMI Launches Solution to Provide "So What" to Illuminated Supply Chain Data
LMI Migrating the Maintenance and Availability Data Warehouse to Advana
LMI Names Doug Wagoner as President and CEO
LMI Participates in Viz for Social Good Challenge for India Water Portal
LMI Partners With Space Force Association To Launch Space Center of Excellence
LMI Partners with the Inclusion Channel
LMI Process Improvement Initiative Consolidates Customer PPM Capabilities
LMI Quick Thoughts Series
LMI Ranks #1 Among the Largest Companies by The Washington Post
LMI Selected as 2020 U.S. Postal Service Supplier Performance Award Winner
LMI Selected as 2022 U.S. Postal Service Supplier Excellence Award Winner for Second Consecutive Year
LMI Selected to Continue Supporting the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy 
LMI Selected to Expand Support to U.S. Army Through STEPSS Contract
LMI Selected to Support Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation for Security Cooperation Programs
LMI Selected to Support GSA’s OFM’s Energy Division and Climate and Sustainability Division through Renewable Energy BPA
LMI Selected to Support HHS ASPR’s Countermeasures Acceleration Group
LMI Selected to Support the Food and Drug Administration Business Operations, Optimization, and Modernization BPA
LMI Selected to Support the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy
LMI Supports ODASD(MR) Efforts to Lower Costs and Improve Warfighter Readiness through Innovation
LMI Symposium Brings Together Customers Tackling Complex Problems
LMI Team Receives Specialized Biomonitoring Training
LMI to Advise NASA on Future Automation in the Air Cargo Industry
LMI to Continue AFSC Readiness-Based Sparing Support
LMI to Continue Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Support
LMI to Continue Strategy, Strategic Engagement, Concepts, and Wargames Support for USTRANSCOM
LMI to Continue Support of DLA R&D Efforts
LMI To Expand Support of the Marine Corps Logistics Command
LMI to Perform Study on Future of NASA’s Upper Class E Airspace Operations
LMI to Support DARPA's Strategic Technology Office
LMI to Support Modernization at GSA’s Public Buildings Service
LMI to Support Policy Management and Reporting for DoD Security Cooperation
LMI to Support Research & Development for DLA Clothing and Textiles
LMI to Support USTRANSCOM in Campaign Planning for Global Deployment, Distribution, and Capability Development
LMI Volunteer Spotlight
LMI Welcomes New Chief Technology Officers
LMI Workshop Examines Data Ethics for Government
LMI Workshop Highlights Data-Driven Resiliency
LMI-Curated manifestDB Data
LMI: Innovation at the Pace of Need™
LMI’s Approach to Improving Government Supply Chains
LMI’s Clark Spencer Talks Joint Health Risk Management (JHRM) for Defense Health
LMI’s DEIA Maturity Model Helps Organizations Build on Strengths, Improve Weaknesses
LMI’s Derrick Spain: Technical Expert for WIC Program
LMI’s First Annual Small Business Awards Winners Announced
LMI’s Forge™ Webinar
LMI’s Merrill Harmison on Health Equity and Accountable Care Organizations
Locations & Directions
Logistics Automation: Where Military and Commercial Applications Converge
Logistics Decision Dominance
LogSmart™ Supply
LogSmart™: The right logistics insights before you need them.
Maintenance Symposium
Managing the Return to Onsite Work: There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution
Managing Up to Achieve Success for You, Your Supervisor, and Your Organization
Marion Kennedy
Marion Kennedy Joins LMI as Vice President, Intelligence Market
Mark Stammler
Marlise Streitmatter
Matt Granger
Matt Peterson
Maureen Merkl
Medical Countermeasures: Putting the Warfighter First
Melissa Wright
Merrill Harmison
Michael Dudley
Michael Dutchak
Milasy Mugnolo
Mission Engineering
Modeling & Simulation
NASA Selects SMD IDEA Program Team Members for Group Achievement Award
Natalie Lieberman
National Hispanic Heritage Month | Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation
National Hispanic Heritage Month: Latinos: Driving Prosperity, Power, and Progress in America
National Security, Science & Technology
National Volunteer Month: LMI Volunteer Spotlight 
News & Events
Next-Level Program Management with Master Scheduling
Occupational Safety & Health
One Journey: Patricia Csank
OpenPolicy™ Knowledge Makes Document Searches Smarter
OpenPolicy™: Knowledge Drives the Search
Operation Warp Speed
Our Leadership Team
Patricia Birdseye
Patriot Day 2022: Remembering 9/11
Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance
Peak Policy and Next Generation (PNG™) Inventory Models
Planning for Vaccine Distribution in 6 Key Areas
Policy Planning & Operations
Predicting Failure: Is the Government Finally Ready for Predictive Fleet Maintenance?
Preparing for the Next Pandemic With DPA Title III 
Press Releases
Privacy Policy
Programmatic Efficiencies & Effectiveness
Project Spotlight: DoD SMART Scholarship-for-Service Program
Putting the Innovation in Policy: the LMI Way
Rachel Linares
RADM Sinclair M. Harris (USN, Ret.)
Rajaa Alami
Randal Dragon
Ranger™ Framework: Exploring with Ranger™
Raymond Compton
Real-Time Logistics Visualization To Save Time and Money When Tracking High-Value Assets
Redefining Business Optimization in the COVID Era
Reducing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Using A Whole of Nations Approach
Resources To Navigate the Age of COVID-19
Rob Kline
Robert Beach
Robin Milton
Ron Fizer
Ruth Starr
Ryan Loving
Ryan Stem
Sarah Tricano
Scot Stitely
Scott Recinos
Scott Recinos To Lead LMI’s Homeland Security Market
Scott Ritzel
Sealift: The Foundation of U.S. Military Power Projection
Search Global
Sergio Posadas
Serving the Underserved Through Better Data and Analysis
Seven Key Steps to Creating an Accessible Workplace
Shannon Walsh
Shaye Brotherton
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Skills-Based Analytics Transform Hiring and Talent Management
Small Business Vendor Request Registration
Stephanie Frilling
Steven Holland
Steven Holland and Alex Barenblitt Take NPMA Leadership Roles
Strategies and Tactics for Engaging High, Medium, and Low Performers
Strategy & Transformation
Stuart Funk
Stuart Jones
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Supply Chain Engineering
Supply Chain Integrity: Critical Every Day
Supply Chain Resilience Solutions
Supply Chain Resiliency
Supply Chain Risk Assessments
Supply Chain Risk Mitigation and Resilience
Sustainability at LMI
Suzan Cengiz
SysLinks™—System Optimization and Network Linkages
Taking Inventory to the Next Level
Tamara Jack
TBM Council Honors LMI for Strategic Planning
Technical DNA
Technology Assessment Methodology and Tools for Federal Agencies
Technology Integration Partner